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Morrelli Investments, a boutique investment company, was established by Massimo Morrelli, a highly seasoned investor and entrepreneur, with the purpose of providing high value investment opportunities for private and institutional investors around the globe.

Bringing to the table years of experience in the global financial market, and in-depth knowhow in the field of investments, we provide our high-net worth investors with a personalized investment advisory service from early planning to successful implementation.

We put a great emphasis on searching the global market for attractive investment opportunities for you, the investor. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible investment portfolio to suit your needs and provide excellent returns; you can rest assured that we have thoroughly checked every component we offer before presenting them to you.

Our researchers and analysts examine products and companies in whom we plan to invest in order to make sure that they are reputable and suitable candidates. All the financial products we consider undergo the most stringent scrutiny and due diligence.


We'll accompany and guide you throughout the whole investment consultation process, learning your specific circumstances and needs while planning your portfolio, and, once implemented, keeping you regularly informed on your holding's performance.


Morrelli Investments is active on the global stage, focusing our attention on early stage tech ventures as well as successful established tech firms in such exciting fields as medical technology, robotics, biotechnology, agri-tech, sustainability, IoT, among others.


We also provide seed financing as stakeholders in promising new entrepreneurial tech enterprises, accompanying them from hopeful startups to fully commercial players in the marketplace. If you have an idea you believe to be worthy of our consideration please send us your pitch.

Our team members

Our highly experienced and motivated team of investment professionals at Morrelli Investments is at the core of our success and the reason we achieve such sustainable, successful performance.

With many decades of combined experience holding senior management positions in the global financial, investment and wealth management industries between them, our team of consultants and financial managers are uniquely positioned to provide you with the highest standard of service and advice.

They bring with them a truly world encompassing network of professional connections with whom we work regularly. We are justifiably proud of our team of professionals, both our in-house personnel, as well as our partners around the globe, who pool their expertise to provide our hallmark service.

Morrelli Investments' team includes market analysts, portfolio managers, legal and tax advisors, due diligence professionals, financing professionals, investment project managers, business development advisors, accountants, administrative personnel, as well as special advisors hired on a per- project basis covering the full gamut of the tech field.


Our Portfolio

Tech Investments

Technology is disrupting the global investment arena, and stands at the forefront of the next generations of game-changing innovations.

Morrelli Investments is active on the global stage, focusing its attention on early stage tech ventures as well as successful established tech firms in such exciting fields as medical technology, robotics, IoT, telecom infrastructure, IT, nanotechnology, cloud-based data storage & management platforms, smart cities, and much more.

We offer financial products sourced from around the world, operating across Europe, Asia and Latin America, with a range of private equity and early stage holdings in a plethora of high end tech-oriented ventures and firms.

We also actively invest as stakeholders in entrepreneurial tech start-ups, helping promising developers move from the purely theoretical idea stage to becoming a viable business. Our globally diverse portfolio of holdings has in excess of S3 Billion in assets under our management (AUM), with the aim of increasing the volume of tech projects invested to around $3.5 Billion by the end of the 4th quarter of 2022.

Since our establishment, we have had the privilege to lead numerous groundbreaking technology projects, ventures and companies, right from the conceptual and set-up stage to the fundraising and development of prototypes, through to the marketing and launch of the final tech product or solution.

IT Trading Projects

As an industry leading investor in the realm of advanced IT systems, hardware, and related equipment, we at Morrelli Investments are also engaged in purchasing large-scale and complex trading contracts in the field of IT, and privatizing them through freelancers and small companies around the globe.

As part of our holistic agenda, we put our heart and soul in order to flawlessly streamline the entire trading cycle for the benefit of all stakeholders, handling everything from market research and suppliers sourcing, to budget planning and negotiation, through to customs brokerage and global shipment.

Bringing to the table our global network of connections in the tech arena, we manage to offer our diverse clientele with top of the line IT equipment from the industry's leading suppliers, short delivery times, and highly attractive pricing.

Whether we're talking about basic IT equipment, or advanced one, we utilize our economies of scale to realize any project on time, and within budget and compliance limitations.

Along the years, we have had the privilege to effectively facilitate large-scale IT trading projects, consisting of two major types of IT equipment:

Basic IT Equipment: This category includes equipment such as computers, monitors, keyboards, telecommunication equipment, printers, servers, drivers, switches, and network hubs to name a few.

Advanced IT Systems: This category includes systems such as language learning robots, dynamic evacuation systems, transaction processing systems, office automation systems, knowledge management systems, management information systems, decision support systems, and much more.

Data Centers

Companies and organizations around the globe have long shifted toward leveraging large-scale data center infrastructure projects in order to facilitate their global operations, with a particular demand for advanced storage, telecommunication, and bandwidth solutions.

Nowadays, organizations from varied fields, industries, and geographies understand that getting the right IT infrastructure foundation in place is essential for their long-term survivability, success, and growth.

Recent years have seen Morrelli Investments become a leading player in the evolving data centers landscape, both through financing innovative storage, management, transmission, and encryption solutions, and by planning and establishing large-scale data centers for global companies and organizations.

In the past few years, we have supervised a series of advanced data center establishment projects throughout Europe, which have presented an immediate and significant return of investments by leveraging the organizations' effectiveness across all its channels of operation.

Among the latest projects we are particularly proud of are the establishment of advanced data centers for two companies in Italy and Switzerland.

Establishment of an Innovative Data Center for an Import-Export Company
Bern, Switzerland | 2020-2021

In the course of this project, we managed all aspects of the activity, from the technical-engineering planning stage, to sourcing and procuring the entire necessary infrastructure, all the way through establishment and integration.

Establishment of a Large-Scale Data Center for an International Tourism Company
Lugano, Italy | 2021

In this unique project, we were responsible for both the planning and execution. The project involved the procurement of encrypted and advanced servers, cloud- based communication systems, information storage platforms, and even innovative applications for remotely managing the data center.


Pitch your idea

Morrelli Investments gives innovative entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas to some of the top performers in the market, and the opportunity for our high value investors to fund their concept through to a marketable product.

Do you have an exciting concept and business plan you believe merits our attention and is worthy of funding?

The only way to find out if you have what it takes is to pitch your idea to us. If we share your enthusiasm we'll do everything in our power to make it happen and will present your idea to our investors.

Please upload your pitch (ideally a one pager), include your business plan and financial model. *File Size Limit: Up to 6 Mb


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